Friday, March 28, 2008

On another note...

Happy Birthday Will!!!!!!!

San Diego

While working in San Diego two weeks ago, Mike, Jev, John, Phildo, and Steve came to visit me for the weekend. Nothing like good times. I took a lot of pictures of scenery that weekend, but I wish I took more pictures of my buds. Oh yeah, we also met up with Joanna and her bf for dinner on Sat night.

My hotel gave me a free upgrade! Two bedroom children's suite. This picture is of the other bedroom with the kids' beds. It was nice because everyone had a bed to sleep on.

Picture from the top of Point Loma Lighthouse.

View from Point Loma

Pretty colors in La Jolla

There had to be thousands of birds that day! The rocks are white from all that crap!

mine, mine!

more pictures of La Jolla Shores

It was low tide when we went so people were able to walk on those rocks

the water was CLEAR!

The famous La Jolla Sunbathing Seals

the rocks were cool...

the algae was like carpet

Jev bought us Special Reserve in celebration of Mike's new job! Congrats mike! Thanks Jev!

On Sunday we went to Pt. Loma Seafoods

Inside was like a fish market. it was crowded! but then again, it was Sunday.

It looks so good! Scallop Sandwich.

We went to coronado after lunch, and Steve refused to walk in the sand with his new best friend

What are they pointing at?

Extraordinary Desserts afterward.

On Tuesday I went with Luuuser to a Jazz Club. It was my first time at a jazz club. The club was real nice, the ambiance was very jazzy. the cellist was crazy!! i've claimed that to be my favorite jazz instrument. :)

Thanks for coming to visit guys!! The whole weekend was chill. We should have more chill weekends like that more often. Thanks Luuser for taking us around!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So because of the law suit, I am going to become an hourly employee. With that, also comes a title change to "HealthConnect Support Representative". HOW LAME IS THAT?! I'm a freakin' tech guy you call on the phone. Like a customer service rep or something. OMG this job SUCKS!