Thursday, December 20, 2007

down, down, down, down...

WTF!!!! Interest rate drop AGAIN?! This is the 2nd time this year! Maybe it's time to put more in the CD.

HSBC Direct Interest Rate Update
Keeping you updated on rate changes.


We are writing to inform you that based on the recent drop by the Federal Reserve, HSBC Direct has adjusted your Online Savings Account rate to 4.25% APY*. At 9x the national savings average**, you are still earning one of America’s highest savings rates.

HSBC Direct will continue to evaluate and respond to market changes so we can provide you with competitive rates. And if your rate changes, whether up or down, we are committed to always letting you know.

You can feel confident knowing your savings are with HSBC Direct. We’re part of HSBC Group, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, and have over 140 years of experience helping customers manage their savings.

We sincerely appreciate you saving with HSBC Direct.

Jean Carrow
Vice President
Customer Relationship Center HSBC Direct

More Tetris

This one is good!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bored at work...

This is what I do at work... videos.

I love this show!!! It's soooo funny! Even after the 8th time it's still hilarous!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I was looking at my blogs. Compared to September, I haven't updated at all in Oct! So I'm just going to summarize what's been up.

I went to Disneyland for FREE!!! I had a really good time! I miss it already... maybe I should get a season pass...

Knott's Scary Farm
Went to the farm with co-workers. It was my first time there. I didn't think it was all that special, but I still had a good time. Didn't get to go on many rides or mazes though... a little disappointing...

Gon chan
An overdue visit to Gon chan. I haven't seen him in so long that he already grew his hair out! He got BIG!!!

Stinking Rose
Went to the Stinking Rose for the first time. It was good! Although, it wasn't as garlic-y as I thought it would be. I was expecting more, considering the stories I hear of the mounds of garlic. The pork chops were good. :)

Tiff's Going Away
Mike did a good job of planning this oh so pink party. We will definitely miss you Tiff! Hope you're doing well. Jim & Pam!

The Standard
Went to The Standard for the first time. It was nice up there. Kinda smokey from the fires... but still nice. Krew should check it out next time, it has a nice atmosphere. Good times.

Leo's Crabs
We went to Crabulous and then Esquire for Leo's Birthday. The food was alright. Steven said the Boiling Crab is much better. Eh.. I'm not all that into seafood anyway... The lounge was kinda cool.. but.. we may not be able to go back there again *ahem* John hahah

I guess that's it for now... I'll try updating more.

I'll definitely update after Euro trip.

Off to Germany I go.....................

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ready, Set, Go!

So it looks like the plans for Europe are set. We got the plane & train tickets and booked the hotels. We're staying in a hostel for one of the nights, but the rest of the trip was covered by my hotel reward points!! :) I'm excited! This will be my first real time out of the country! :D

Here's the plan..

Arrive in Munich, Germany 11/19 afternoon
-have dinner, walk around
-take overnight train to Naples

Arrive in Naples, Italy 11/20 morning
-check into hostel
-have pizza
-take train to Rome

Arrive in Rome, Italy 11/21 morning
-check into hotel
-see the sights
-take train to Venice

Arrive in Venice, Italy 11/22 morning
-check into hotel
-take train to Innsbruck

Arrive in Innsbruck, Austria 11/23 morning
-take train to Munich

Arrive in Munich, Germany 11/23 evening
-check into hotel
-visit BMW museum
-pick up Jev's car 11/24
-drive to drop point
-drink beer
-come home

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007

Light Switch Fiasco

I went to Rob's brother Doug's wedding last Sunday. It was held in Newport beach. It was my first time at an "Americanized" wedding. I had a great time! Thanks for inviting me. Oh, and congrats Doug!

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Lew

Rob can't get enough of the champagne!

The Lews

Aww... she's so adorable!

Rob & I lookin' fancy

Their first dance!

I'm big pimpin'

Group picture with the Groom

what's wrong with your necks? you guys might need to get that checked out...


...I don't get it...

This one came out nice! :)

...until Pang got a little too excited...


They played Monster's Inc. BEST WEDDING EVER!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!

The light switch.

The story behind the light switch: They were playing a photo slide show during the wedding, but our table was sorta behind the screen where we couldn't see. We all got up to stand in the back so we can see the slide show. ALL OF A SUDDEN... the lights turn on. I was thinking.. "what's going on? Is something going to happen?!" And then someone says.. "did someone lean on the switch or something?" Yep, it was me. SO EMBARRASSING!! I didn't even know how to turn it back off, so someone came over and switched it off. Yeah, there it is... I single handily ruined the wedding. Come on now, who makes a light switch that is touch sensitive. What kind of genius thinks of something like that.

For future reference: don't let Kelly near any light switches especially during a wedding photo slide show

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i just jizzed like 5 times! :P
starting line i heart you!

Oishii natchan!

so after searching 4 Japanese markets, I finally found my natchan! there was only 1 flavor too... lemon grapefruit.

it's goooood!!!!!! It reminds me of squirt, but without the carbonation.

this is the cap on the natchan. Dan had the awesome idea of making it into a keychain. I think i'm going to make it into something to hang in my car. kawaii, ne?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dorm Party

Dinner aboard the ship...Bahooka.

It was supposed to be flaming, but the fire went out. :(

Aww... how cute!

Nectar of Love.

pretty good picture

OMG F4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aishiteru Hanazawa Rui!!!!!!!! Go see a dentist!

All night long...


This shit is bananas... b-a-n-a-n-a-s

omedetou steven!

Hahah.. we're so hung up on that shit...

the happy couple :)

Jev was on his period again...

...and Scott just likes eating it!

Good times guys, good times...