Friday, October 5, 2007

Light Switch Fiasco

I went to Rob's brother Doug's wedding last Sunday. It was held in Newport beach. It was my first time at an "Americanized" wedding. I had a great time! Thanks for inviting me. Oh, and congrats Doug!

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Lew

Rob can't get enough of the champagne!

The Lews

Aww... she's so adorable!

Rob & I lookin' fancy

Their first dance!

I'm big pimpin'

Group picture with the Groom

what's wrong with your necks? you guys might need to get that checked out...


...I don't get it...

This one came out nice! :)

...until Pang got a little too excited...


They played Monster's Inc. BEST WEDDING EVER!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!

The light switch.

The story behind the light switch: They were playing a photo slide show during the wedding, but our table was sorta behind the screen where we couldn't see. We all got up to stand in the back so we can see the slide show. ALL OF A SUDDEN... the lights turn on. I was thinking.. "what's going on? Is something going to happen?!" And then someone says.. "did someone lean on the switch or something?" Yep, it was me. SO EMBARRASSING!! I didn't even know how to turn it back off, so someone came over and switched it off. Yeah, there it is... I single handily ruined the wedding. Come on now, who makes a light switch that is touch sensitive. What kind of genius thinks of something like that.

For future reference: don't let Kelly near any light switches especially during a wedding photo slide show

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