Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mom's BBQ

I'm testing out this mobile blog thing by blogging about what we had for dinner tonight. We went to this joint called mom's BBQ.

It was too much food. I even split it with Adrian and it was still too much for the both of us. If you go check it out, I suggest not to get the cornbread.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Club 49

After the wedding, my cousin Judy and I went to check out a bar.

the place was called club 49. my cousin had never been there before either, but we went because it was right around the corner from her house.

her friend came with us

a shot of the bar.

my cousin and i with our wedding make up still on :)

we had a few drinks..

and then we pretty much went home since it was late and we both still needed to pack.

the next morning (7/7/2008) we had to have lunch with the bride, groom, and the bride's parents.

my married cousin

that's me! :)

a picture with my aunt

and my cousin

after lunch, we headed to the airport. the line to check in was CRAZY long!!!

my last shot of taiwan

dinner was bland. roasted chicken with veggies.

this is breakfast. eggs with chicken nuggets. i didn't eat much of it.

that's it for my trip to taiwan. i finally had time to finish my posts. hope you enjoyed reading my blog as much as I enjoyed my trip!

Wedding Day


The following are pictures from the wedding that were taken from my camera. I only put a selected few on here because there are wayyy too many to put all of them up. They are pretty self explanatory, so there is no narration provided.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grandpa Wu


we went to get breakfast at that place i went to when i first got to taiwan.

this is a new product. it's dan beng salad. so they put lettuce and sprouts in the dan beng and made a wrap

this one is sao beng with egg. it was good :) the sao beng was so flaky!

after breakfast, we went over to Carrefour which is like their walmart

the inside was pretty much the same as our supermarkets over here.

there was a travelator

I went to visit my Grandfather for the first time. It was also my first time at an asian cemetary. it was built on a hill. my granfather's grave was different from the traditional ones because his coffin is above ground.

this is the praying mantis who is protecting my grandfather.

my granfaterh's story if you are interested.. or if you can read chinese

this is my grandfather's view from the hill

we went back to dan suay and i got a really long ice cream. it was so hot!!!

octopus. i didn't eat any though... yuck.

we bought these "cow horns." they were like crissoants but not flaky.

fresh ground almond powder.

almond tea made from the fresh almond powder. yum

so later that day, i took my aunt to costco because her card expired and she hasnt renewed. apparently my costco membership works worldwide :)

everything looks the same.

the food court

the same. even the people are the same. so many asians it looks like the alhambra costco.

later that night, we went to shilin night market, but i didn't take any pictures. we went with my little cousin to buy him a suit for the wedding. he got his suit for $66 USD after we bargained for it.