Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tomato on cake?

Today my cousin took me to the mountains and the sea.

my aunt brought home some breakfast for us. fan twan and soy milk

here's a shot of the mountain area. i think we were up in yang ming mountain

we went to go eat

taiwanese soda

you get to go get your own soup

stir fried vegetables and bamboo shoots

fried tofu and bittermelon


after lunch she brought us to see this

i'm not sure what it is, but smoke keeps coming out because it is volcanic

then we drove to the beach

oh yeah, these are my cousin's friends who all came out with us. they even took the day off work

they brought me to this cafe by the beach where they like to chill on the weekends

I guess it's real cheap for this kind of stuff in taiwan because renting these things only cost around $3.33 USD

my cousin and i

there were a bunch of crab on the beach

iced coffee float

my cousins friends all ordered american food.. haha

there are always a BUNCH of motorcyclists in taipei. it's a crazy culture

i went to dinner with my cousin's dad and of all places we go to din tai fung. apparently it is real popular and so busy that none of my family has been there before.

the same stuff we have at the din tai fung we have back home. But at least I get to say I've been to the original one :)

my cousin's dad I haven't seen in 10 years gave me a pink teddy bear as a present.

it was also my cousin's birthday so we had cake

my two cousins, my aunt, and me

the fruit on the right that resembles kiwi is dragon fruit. I've never had it before.

they also put tomato on cake because tomato is a fruit. so weird!!

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