Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Teapot Mountain

Today we went to Joufen, Gold Ecological Park, and MiawKow.

Joufen is this small town by the sea that is built on top of a mountain, so it has a lot of stairs and slopes. It is famed now because it is where Miyazaki got his inspiration to write Spirited Away. If you look at the background for the movie, you can see how it resembles the town.

this is a temple they have in Joutou, well.. the roof of it.

the town is pretty much a long alleyway with shops on both sides

baked stinky tofu

I just started taking pictures of random foods I saw

that's one big block of peanut candy!

these are shells.. they eat shells.. so weird!

we had a food specific to Joufen and it's this stuff.. kinda like a bao but the outside is sticky

this is phase 1, where it has the bottom layer, and the meat

then they add the top layer which is white before they cook it

after it is cooked, the outside layer turns wihte

finished product. it was really good!!!

my cousin and my aunt

these are also foods specific to Joufen

they are making it fresh

i got one of those name thingys

i also got to try tang yuen. it's kinda like mochi. they were making it there, fresh. it was goood!

heading down the town.

group picture: my aunt, me, my cousin judy, my cousin sean

down the stairs...

the scenic view

a view of the surrounding houses

it was so tiring! we had to climb up so many stairs!!!

After Joufen, we went to the Gold Ecological Park where they preserved a lot of the stuff that was used when they used to mine gold.

an old japanese style house preserved from when Japan took over taiwan. he even had mini golf!

the following pictures are of the house where the Crown Prince of Japan stayed when he visited Taiwan during the time when they took the island over.

giant statue of something

this is the famous teapot mountain

a really big brick of gold

my cousin, the miner

the water is all red from all the sediment from mining

we went to miaw kow to walk around and grab dinner

this indian guy had pretty good chinese.

they were making this ice thing. it's kinda like a slush, but not icy. it's creamy but not ice cream.

these guys are making it

i tried the egg milk flavor. not bad, not bad

fried sandwich

fresh tempura... not the japanese fried shrimp and vegetable, its actually boiled fish paste

giant rice sausage

this is the opening of the temple. this place is called miaw kow because it surrounds this temple

oyster omlette

my cousin loves this stuff

i forgot what this was called but it has meat inside and i think the outside is wrapped with tofu skin

fresh lychee! it was the first time i've ever had it fresh. the ones they sell in america are all frozen.

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