Wednesday, May 20, 2009


yes, yes, i'm now twenty-five. it's so sad, I know.


on a happier note...

I had a great birthday! :)

went out to lunch with Adrian. Checked out this place near work called La Bodeguita de Medio.

it was good Cuban food!

then he surprised me with a cake and balloon!

later that night, we drove up to san francisco to have dinner

it was such a nice day!

blurry, but yes, we went to the house of prime rib

yum! <3 bread

the salad just like lawrys! there was too much dressing though


this one is the english cut (its cut thinner)

birthday sorbet!!

hahah i look like a retard!

they took a picture for us! So cute! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

and i'm pourin' chandon and i got it goin' on

A few weeks ago we went to Napa Valley for some fine vine.

the first winery we visited was Chandon

there was a mushroom stone forest

we got to keep the glasses!

group pix w/ the bubbly

Adrian's getting ready for that big career change

the Opus One winery charged $35 for a taste and they only make 1 wine.

then later we found out that one bottle of their wine costs hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the year

they're riding in on horses

the view out from the winery

the next series of pictures consists of the cause of Adrian's itchy-ness for the rest of the day... enjoy!

the vines

this was taken at robert mondavi winery

then we went to this winery/deli type place and they had tons of cheese!!

castle in napa valley!!

the entrance

the gate keeper

it was super perfect weather. so beautiful!

Our route if you're interested...

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Monday, May 18, 2009


i bought oregon trail!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i'm now 25.. :(

Still 24

I have 14 more hours of being 24!!!

24 things in the year 24

  1. picked up cycling
  2. moved to Nor Cal
  3. quit my job
  4. got another job
  5. realized how much I miss my friends
  6. believed!
  7. Dual Epic certified
  8. visited Taiwan
  9. bought an iPhone
  10. rode the Metro to Long Beach
  11. felt an earthquake
  12. played bingo at a bar
  13. went to Disneyland more than 10 times
  14. visited Seattle and Portland
  15. received lawsuit settlement money
  16. bought a new car
  17. visited Wisconsin (in the winter) 4 times
  18. went to SEMA
  19. went cherry picking
  20. winchester mystery house for the first time
  21. made 500 tweets
  22. bought 3 bikes
  23. played bocce for the first time
  24. paid over $3,000 in taxes!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm Epic Inpatient Order Transmittal Certified!