Friday, October 24, 2008

Puccho Blueberry

Went to marukai the other day and found new puccho candy. This one is
blueberry flavor. It's super yummy :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunday Night Bingo

A few of us met up last Sunday. At first we were at Red Lion enjoying some German cusine, but afterward we headed to Big Foot lodge to continue the night. When we got there, they were doing this Sunday night bingo thing apparently they do every Sunday.

Ignacio was the first to win Bingo at our table. He won a hat, and a free shot with shot glass!

I won a beer!

Ignacio also won a shirt and a beer.

and I won a set of shot glasses and beer nuts

Adrian did not win once :(

well, he won a beer for answering a trivia question!

hassdale won a polo shirt, beer, and beer nuts!

who's down this Sunday night?

Friday, October 17, 2008

sea pictures

Here's a link to adrian's flickr. he put up pictures up that he took from our aquarium trip. as you can tell, they are much better than the pictures i took. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

yet another trip on the metro

I took another trip on the metro. this time, we took a trip to long beach to check out the aquarium even though I heard it wasn't great.

we bought a day pass since we had to switch between 3 different lines

after an hour and a half, ugh it took so long, we made it!

i found a coupon for discount tickets on fatwallet :) thanks fatwallet!

this was cool! they cut open part of a shark egg to show the developing shark inside

there was this sea lion that kept following the little girl's feet. it was cute, but adrian was annoyed that he couldn't get a good picture of the sea lion

the ray were coming out of the water

touch pool. the anemone sucked on my finger!!!

they put these embosser things where you can collect stamps from each exhibit all around the aquarium. hahah, adrian couldn't do it

skinny fishy

these were eels. they were so tiny they looked like worms

this was a GIANT ray. the view is looking down from above

they sold necter that you can feed the birds with but it was like 3 bucks!


jellyfishy! my picture didn't turn out too well but i'm sure adrian got some better pictures with his camera

giant crab

some weird leafy dragon thingy. i've never seen it before

it was a nice day outside

we went to this irish pub for lunch after the aquarium. i had a really good corned beef sandwich.

another hour and a half to get home...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

midway mania

to take advantage of our annual passes, we went to disneyland on our days off. Going to disneyland is one of the nice things about having your weekends on the weekdays.
we went on the new ride, toy story midway mania and its actually really fun. i like the way the ride was designed, how the carts move between screens, how there are two sides of the cart, how each screen was a different scene. it was cool.

this is the result of our first time playing. I am Player 2!

3-d glasses. haha i look retarded

fob pose! what happened to my eyes? haha

i thought these looked like eggs

fob pose again! there was no line for space mountain.. so awesome!

I remember going to the tiki show when I was little, but I dont quite remember how it went. For some reason, I keep remembering real birds in the show. we went to watch it, but apparently I was wrong. they are all mechanical :(

petting zoo!

goat buddies

sine it was nearing halloween, they had some cool pumpkin carvings

we went to play the toy story game again, but this time i did so badly.. there was something wrong with my gun! it wouldn't shoot!! so sad...don't look at the score!

up in smoke

off the 101, while driving to work, we saw a huge cloud of smoke. i google mapped it on my phone and it turns out it was a golf course. there's a tiny speck of helicopter in the picture.

chili madness

during lunch one night at work we went to check out this place called chili my soul. they serve 30 different kinds of chili. I didn't know there was more than one kind of chili... haha

new bike

so Adrian got a new bike awhile ago. a fixie.

here's his first time riding it after putting it together.

off he goes!