Saturday, October 11, 2008

midway mania

to take advantage of our annual passes, we went to disneyland on our days off. Going to disneyland is one of the nice things about having your weekends on the weekdays.
we went on the new ride, toy story midway mania and its actually really fun. i like the way the ride was designed, how the carts move between screens, how there are two sides of the cart, how each screen was a different scene. it was cool.

this is the result of our first time playing. I am Player 2!

3-d glasses. haha i look retarded

fob pose! what happened to my eyes? haha

i thought these looked like eggs

fob pose again! there was no line for space mountain.. so awesome!

I remember going to the tiki show when I was little, but I dont quite remember how it went. For some reason, I keep remembering real birds in the show. we went to watch it, but apparently I was wrong. they are all mechanical :(

petting zoo!

goat buddies

sine it was nearing halloween, they had some cool pumpkin carvings

we went to play the toy story game again, but this time i did so badly.. there was something wrong with my gun! it wouldn't shoot!! so sad...don't look at the score!

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