Monday, October 13, 2008

yet another trip on the metro

I took another trip on the metro. this time, we took a trip to long beach to check out the aquarium even though I heard it wasn't great.

we bought a day pass since we had to switch between 3 different lines

after an hour and a half, ugh it took so long, we made it!

i found a coupon for discount tickets on fatwallet :) thanks fatwallet!

this was cool! they cut open part of a shark egg to show the developing shark inside

there was this sea lion that kept following the little girl's feet. it was cute, but adrian was annoyed that he couldn't get a good picture of the sea lion

the ray were coming out of the water

touch pool. the anemone sucked on my finger!!!

they put these embosser things where you can collect stamps from each exhibit all around the aquarium. hahah, adrian couldn't do it

skinny fishy

these were eels. they were so tiny they looked like worms

this was a GIANT ray. the view is looking down from above

they sold necter that you can feed the birds with but it was like 3 bucks!


jellyfishy! my picture didn't turn out too well but i'm sure adrian got some better pictures with his camera

giant crab

some weird leafy dragon thingy. i've never seen it before

it was a nice day outside

we went to this irish pub for lunch after the aquarium. i had a really good corned beef sandwich.

another hour and a half to get home...

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