Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taipei 101

I'm wayyy behind on my Taiwan posts. Here's the post for 7/4.

Since I've never been to Taiwan, my aunt went to buy some fruits not found in USA for me to try. I forgot the name of this one...

Noodles in a bag!

We tried to make the thing we bought the previous day.

after breakfast, we headed to Taipei 101.

The ceiling of the elevator had this light show...

not only are we in the tallest building in the world, the elevator is the fastest elevator in the world. In 34 sec, we reach the 89th floor.

there it is, the world record.

a view from the top

me, posing

so this is the wind damper that prevents the building from swaying. it's the tallest and largest in the world, and the only one open to the public.

i'm mailing a postcard from the tallest building in the world

another view from above

they made characters based on the wind damper and called them damper babies. my cousin and i are posing with the babies

she brought me to mcdonalds because she wanted me to try this rice hamburger

so instead of a bun it's a patty of rice. it also has kim chi in it.

me, eating

the bus was so crowded!!!

since i like ramen, she took me to a japanese ramen house

we went mid afternoon so it was pretty empty...

their signature ramen. it has a slice of cheese in it

being fatties, we also got dessert. some macha ice red bean thing

later on that night, we went to buy donuts for my aunt and other cousin. this donut shop is a chain store from japan.

these are the donuts we bought

after we dropped off the donuts for them, we headed to dan suay. my cousin insisted i try this chicken, but i didnt like it because it had bones in it. :(

we played balloon darts

and won

and then we played airsoft baloon, and this was my score :) don't worry i got that last one too.

we went to get this weird ice cream wrap. it was weird because it has cilantro in it

cilantro, peanut candy, and two scoops of ice cream. so weird!!

we also got swan mei tang. i'm not a big fan.

and shrimp rolls, dan suay style.

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