Monday, November 24, 2008

first week

view from scott's place of the city

scott's building up close

my building from a ways

my building closer up

view of scott's building from my building

view of some other building

the awesome coffee machine they had

you insert these packets in the machine

my company logo in the elevator area

we went to the sf food bank to volunteer during the last day of orientation. it was like a costco!

the people wearing red are accenture people

wine?! we later found out that they were just suprlus boxes that vineyards donate to the food bank so they can use to pack other food

they were packing big 300 lb bags of cereal into 1/2 lb bags that are more useful when it comes to distributing. we were supposed to pack cereal, but the cereal room was already full.

so we did the sorting instead. so all those barrels that you donate food in come to the food bank, and volunteers sort through them, and categorize them.

thats where we were!

my picture is blurry but this is the people in my orientation group plus a few others. we sorted through 10,000 lbs of food that day!

no traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was taken on my first day on site. driving home from palo alto.

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