Wednesday, June 3, 2009

<3 tacos

went to LA this past weekend because southwest had those 50% off tickets.  

on the first night.. TACOS!
we went to try this new place called taco zone.  this place was legit!

this one's for you, Ivan.

tacos from the truck.. so delicious!

we went to check out this wine lounge called vertical.  ehh.. it was alright..

my flight

we also got a plate of cheese and meat

I was reading the Cascades the next morning and Adrian noticed this hilarious ad!

then we went to check out Malibu since I've never been.
this is the pier.  theres not much to see

the ocean

some beach front property

then steve took us to malibu seafood to get some fresh sea food

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Anonymous said...

dude, those tacos look DELICIOUS.