Wednesday, December 31, 2008

santa cruz

in early december daniel came to visit me and we went to santa cruz. we checked out mystery spot, had lunch in downtown santa cruz, went to the boardwalk, and visited the UCSC campus.

it was daniel's first time there and I hadn't been there in years

he was really excited and wanted to do all the demonstrations :)

there's me standing slanted

i volunteered for the last demonstration.

this is downtown santa cruz. it reminded me a lot of santa barbara

i brought daniel to pizza my heart where you get a slice of pizza and a tshirt for $5!


the boardwalk

it was a nice day

some more pictures of the beach

i love the clouds

the rides were closed that day. i think they are closed in the winter except on holidays

another picture of the beach

and they had this holiday train with elves and santa for the kids to ride

another cloud picture

the campus was so secluded, it was hard to figure out where everything was or where we should go

it was also very scary since you can't see past the trees at night

we found a building! it was the library

thanks for visiting daniel! next year, we'll check out the redwood forest :)

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