Saturday, March 21, 2009

spring saturday

Today is the first Saturday of spring 2009.  The air was super crisp and the weather was amazing.  Sunny in the morning, sprinkly in the afternoon, and rain at night. 

I got a chance to spend some time with Will today.  I haven't seen him in so long, maybe since December?  It's crazy how fast time passes!  Adrian and I went to pick him up at the Sunnyvale Caltrain station.  Then we went to have awesome sandwiches at Erik's Delicafe.  There was a Daiso and Marukai in that plaza, so we went to walk around and Will bought some Japanese snacks.  We still had some time left before we had to drop Will off, so we took him to Satura cakes to get some yummy cakes in a cup.  It was really nice just to catch up with him and talk about life.

Later today, after taking a nap, I helped Adrian set up his room.  We moved the bookshelves back into his room and put his books/dvds up on the shelves.  He even sorted his movies in alphabetic order.  I also helped him hang his clothes up in the closet.  We got a lot done today.

For dinner, we went to get some curry house.  It was surprising how packed it was at 9 PM.  We even had to wait for a table!  Surprising to see so many people out to eat especially during our recession. 

It was a long day today.  Tomorrow will be another long day.

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