Monday, September 10, 2007

A Blast from the Past

I went to nor cal this Sunday and found two of my many many childhood homes. It felt so nostalgic. I remember riding my tricycle down the street, or playing in the construction while they were building the 85 freeway in my backyard, or getting locked in the restroom as punishment.

this was my house while I was attending Kindergarten. It should have been.. 1989.
11635 Wildflower Ct., Cupertino, CA

and this was my house from 1st to 2nd Grade...1990-1992
12135 Saraglen Dr., Saratoga, CA

crazy how things haven't changed at all. Both houses still look the same as when I had left them. I wonder if the backyard of the Saratoga house still leads to the freeway and the storm drain where I used to play ninja turtles. It's also crazy how I still remember how to get there. It's nice to re-visit the past and think of all the good times and bad times.

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