Thursday, September 6, 2007

Last Day of School

The last day of go live always feels like the last day of school. Excited that summer is starting. Constantly glaring at the clock to check the time. Anxious to be finally out of there! Today was the last day of South Bay...forever. Yep, no more ever going back to South Bay.

Of course we had to say goodbye to the friendly squirrel. This squirrel would let people pet it, shake hands with it, and anything else you can think of! He lives in the tree in the courtyard area of the hospital. If you ever go to Kaiser South Bay, you should definitely visit the friendly squirrel.

But of course if you try to trick him and feed him a leaf instead of real food, then he will attack! (he's not stupid)

as Adrian had to learn the hard way. He cried like Alan and asked a nurse to bandage him up. It may look like plastic wrap, but it's actually a "skin" bandage that is breathable. pretty cool, huh?

We even got $1 yogurt today! Aww...I'm gonna miss $1 yogurt!! It's sooooo good!!!

Traffic was so bad today! It's been getting a lot worse, maybe because school started.

Kaiser bought me Anpan Man toys!!

Goodbye Kaiser South Bay!! You will be missed. Although, I've had enough of those weekly meetings. I am not looking forward to working weekends. :/

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