Monday, September 3, 2007

FITS '07 Part 1: Unleash the Power of the Vampire

We wanted to get t-shirts printed as FITS souvenirs, but due to the lack of time we couldn't. Adrian was so kind to make us FITS bracelets!! THANKS SO MUCH ADRIAN!!! Your bracelet business will be booming in no time!

We were missing 1 bracelet, so Steven was coming up with some ideas for the last one. This was one concept...

He ended up heading in another direction, which I think was a good idea. It looks nice Steve! Great 1st bracelet!

The story behind the Vampire:
Adrian and I were at work while making these FITS bracelets. We took a break from bracelet making and started drawing on people's faces in a magazine. He drew a vampire on this army guy, and for some reason I think I said, "Wouldn't it be so random if you drew that on a FITS bracelet?" And there it was. That's how it happened. Congrats Phildo in winning the Vampire bracelet! You now possess the power of the vampire.

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