Saturday, August 23, 2008


We went to vegas on the weekend of 08.08.08 not because it was "lucky" but because we were celebrating our friendship with Leo and Bernice who are no longer with us. Don't worry, they are doing just fine.

We arrived at our hotel, the Trump. I think it just opened because everything was new. Even the sofabed still had plastic on it.

After some drinks at Venitian, Steven became my bitch.

Jev always falls asleep and Bernice always takes a pic next to him.

Steven's best bud for the next 5 hours

We found a giant ugly doll as one of the displays.

We built weird animal things. I can't believe they sell these toys to kids. So weird.

Then we saw a lifesized ugly doll walking around.

later that night, we went to Emril's restaurant for dinner.

I got the shrimp salad, which I'd have to say is really tasty.

More drinks at Rouge in MGM.

A vegas tradition: the Egg and I.

Banana nut muffin.. SO GOOD!!! Best banana nut muffin i've ever had!

I think Ber took this shot trying to convey that they are twins.

last group shot of the weekend.

Gas is so cheap there!!!

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