Saturday, August 23, 2008

A day in the life (25th Birthday edition)

8/18 11:30 pm
It was 8/19 2:30 pm Hong Kong time and that's the time Adrian was born, so we started celebrating his birthday early.

11:33 pm

11:36 am
Call me Dr. Kung

12:13 pm
Doctors don't eat well.

12:14 pm
flashing the badge

4:40 pm
waiting for me to get ready

6:27 pm
turned into a mormon

6:28 pm

6:43 pm
all tucked in

7:25 pm
after eric's car broke down, we were a little late for our reservation

7:25 pm
thanks doorman

8:17 pm

8:57 pm
free birthday cake! Chris ended up eating all of it!

9:26 pm
so much food!

10:16 pm
cake time!

10:17 pm
whoa, whoa, whoa...

10:20 pm
holding hands

11:50 pm
bowling with friends

8/20 12:39 am
i think Stephen has a thing for Adrian

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bernice so said...

i have the same bed sheets, kel