Saturday, August 23, 2008

Norrrrr Cal :)

So we went to nor cal one random weekend. It was nice. The air was cleaner and it wasn't all crowded.

Taco Bravo. This is Adrian's spot.

so unhealthy but so delicious! It was a little bit disturbing they made this burrito in 10 seconds.

Meet Mickey. Adrian's woh woh.

When he came home, his momma asked him to take the dog out for a bath, so we went to this do it yourself dog bath place. It's kinda like those car washes where you wash it yourself, but they provide you with a place to wash it. Same concept. They have bathtubs you can rent out to wash your dog. Talk about a money maker!

Later on that night, I went out to dinner with my Aunt, Cousin, and his wife.

my aunt and I

Here are some pics of the food we had.

I only had a small sample of each so it wasn't too filling which was good.

After dinner, I went with Adrian to visit one of his friends from high school. His doggy is adorable!

His friend's wife offered us some leftover birthday cake. It was a homemade ice cream cake. I've only had store bought ice cream cake but never homemade. She cut us a GIANT slice!

The next day I wanted to go to Pizzy My Heart to get a slice and a shirt for 5 bucks.

Too bad they didn't have any shirts in my size...

so we went again to a different shop and I got my shirt!

Since we were in Los Gatos, we stopped by this small coffee shop to get...

the CCC: Coffee, Chocolate, & Cream

that day, my cousin's wife took my aunt to get cake at this cake shop in palo alto. They are famous for their cakes because the cakes come in a cup.

so much food!!!

to top it off, I met up with earl later on at red mango in palo alto.

it's a lot creamier than pinkberry.

and Earl still looks as sexy as ever

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