Friday, September 5, 2008

The Counter

I'm not sure how the topic of burgers came up in the thread one day, but someone suggested the counter for burgers. One Friday night we went to check it out.

You get to build your own burger and add anything you want in it. It has some pretty "fancy" stuff you can add.

Jev went all out and got a milkshake... even the milkshake of the month!

that's his going all out look, or maybe he's just sleepy. john is excited though!

there it is!

this is the burger I got complete with guacamole <3

it was pretty awesome. i was so full afterward, but i couldn't let it go to waste.

we went stopped by a Brazilian bar/restaurant later on that night. John and I got some Brazilian drink i forgot what it was called. It had a lot of lime and sugar.

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