Thursday, September 11, 2008

muscle beach

this past labor day weekend, dar came down to visit from Seattle. a group of us met up and we all went to dinner together. for the 2nd time in a weekend, I had the counter.

daniel, dar, and will customizing their burgers

johnny was posing for this picture, btw

daniel looks so innocent

since it was the first day of sept. the monthly shake changed from the last time i was there

this time, i went all out and ordered the shake

this is daniel's napa valley burger

and the burger Johnny and I shared

group picture

after dinner we headed to santa monica to walk around

here's the new ferris wheel from afar

almost there daniel!

johnny looks like a retard in this picture

and he lands!

walking to the pier

ferris wheel up close

it was nice to see dar again. i hope she can come visit more often. Oh yeah, I just recently read on her blog that she got engaged! Congrats dar! :)

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