Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mike & Ann's

Adrian and I went to try this breakfast place in South Pasadena called Mike & Ann's. Well, It was more for me to try because he's been there before.

It had nice indoor and outdoor seating. It was a nice day out that day so we decided to sit outside.

I look like i just woke up...

he's doing his exquisite look again because the restaurant is ritzy

we ordered tea and coffee. the tea was 2.75!! what a rip!

I ordered the french toast which had orange in the batter. it was delicious!

Adrian ordered the omelet which was also very good.

next time I'll have to take Adrian to Julienne's which is also a ritzy breakfast place, next time...

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bernice so said...

$2.75 for tea? what a bargain!!

stop posting ur dinning adventures - mine sucks, i hate you guys!