Thursday, September 25, 2008

san gabriel river trail

i went biking the other day with some friends. i never take pictures when i go biking, so i decided to take some pics so i can blog about it. the trail we took was the san gabriel river trail. it follows along the 605 freeway and goes all the way to long beach. we didn't go to long beach, of course.

the trail past the 5 freeway.

Alan feeling self conscious about wearing his tight shorts.

concrete river

the biking road along the river

more shots of the river with the bird pool in the distance

from left to right: aaron, marisa, robert, alan, dennis. and yes, that's alan!

the sun is setting!!

aaron got a flat tire, so while we were waiting for him to change it, doggies passed us by!

and people were horse back riding

on the way back

23.89 miles later, we finally made it back!

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