Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crepes in Santa Barbara

I took a day trip to Santa Barbara recently because I had a floating holiday from working New Year's Day I needed to use. Anyway, we stopped by this crepe place that had authentic French crepes. Well, it was the most authentic crepe I've ever had.

This was the place we went to, Pacific Crepes. It's not directly on State street, but about a block away. This place is great! It has a nice cozy, homey atmosphere.

I <3 nutella! I had a strawberry nutella crepe. SO YUM! It was delicious!

I've never had a crepe that was salty before. Or like a lunch or dinner crepe. This one had Salmon and mushrooms. It was.. different. Not bad, actually. I also tried some Ratatouille!

If you are ever in SB, check this place out! YUMMY!! NUTELLA!!!

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