Monday, February 4, 2008

Library Alehouse

So I finally got a chance to upload the pictures that were taken on my phone to the computer. About two weeks ago we went to check out Library Alehouse. I really liked that place. Even though we had to wait awhile for seats, the atmosphere of the place was really nice. They have a nice selection of beer too.

This is the beer I tried called Bitburger. It was not bad at all. Nice finish. Reminded me of a lot of the beers I had in Germany.

We tried the kobe beef burger. I didn't like the kobe beef actually. It felt loose. All in all, not a bad burger, but couldn't really tell the difference between kobe beef and regular ground beef. Next time, I'll just stick with a regular burger.

I do want to go back and try some of the other food on the menu. Mike got an Ahi Burger and he said that was really good.

Sorry the pictures are so bad. They were taken on my phone since I did not bring my camera that night.

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