Saturday, August 25, 2007

Let's go to the Library...Bar?

So on a Thursday night... since none of us had work on Friday, we decided to go to the Library Bar. Well, we were actually supposed to have dinner.. but someone flaked on us *cough* Alan

They had a whole wall of books!

since the first picture came out so dark, I wanted to take another one but I guess Phildo didn't..

we love kp?

we had 1 drink at the library bar, then we wanted to go to the Standard. Alan bet Adrian that it would be a long wait to get in.. so we went to check it out..

walking to the standard

Secret Agent Adrian took us up the back way..

Only to find that we needed wrist bands so we went all the way back down... and found that there's a 45 min wait. so we left..

we saw them shooting a Maroon 5 music video. What a trippy video.. lion dancing + Santa + Balloons + Cotton Candy + Clowns?

Of all places, we ended up going to Shakas. They turned it into some kinda of bar/club thing with a dance floor and DJ. I guess it was for someone's birthday. Alan knew the birthday girl...oh! and we saw Allison. Oh! And Mr. Popular Phildo saw a bunch of people he knew.

I don't get this one...

fun times.

Alan's favorite drink... Cactus cooler

Me & the Dildo!

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Adrian said...

It's weird... it looks like I'm wearing very thick suspenders.