Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tofu Dissappointment

Tofu Festival in J-town was lackluster. Dan was sucked! Well, it was ok, but kinda small. I guess I just expected more. I probably won't be going next year.

Steve and his Tofu Tostada

The infamous Tofu Margarita. It was gross.

Scott came with his entourage

Jev enjoying his food.. as always...

Green Tea Slushie

Daddy came too!! I've missed you daddy!! You should come home more often!

Giant Tofu Firm

I bought more puccho candy!! They had new flavors. There was Orange and Peach. Both are pretty good, actually. :) Yum!

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Scott Lee said...

Kel couldn't you have taken a better picture of me....LOL