Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Patient Bracelets

Let's see... so Adrian and I have been spearheading a new operation. Operation: make patient bracelets to sell at the Promenade. Well, Adrian is the real mastermind behind these babies! He's quite the artist. :)

I don't know what these things are, but they're so cute!!! Since we found a white patient band, he decorated the whole thing.. even the strap! So cute!!

Here's a close up of that bracelet. This one I'm actually wearing now... I wonder how long they last.

Here's the first one he made of those cute things.

This one is cool because of the different colors. The blue ocean is actually done with glittery pen, so it shimmers.

Here are some more...

Here's one tha
t Alan made. It's deep. Can you decipher the meaning behind this one?


Adrian said...

What a good job done!

Now to find a target audience!

steven said...

those are really cool. can i buy one?