Saturday, August 11, 2007

Time After Time

I bought a new watch even though I haven't worn a watch in 6 years.
I didn't recognize the brand at all. It looked so cute that I just had to buy it! When I got home, I went to the website and I found out that the brand is actually a su
bdivision of Seiko.

s is what the box looks like...

and inside there's this!! Isn't it cute?!

The brand, appetime, means appetite + time = appetime. The website explains it better...

"appetime"comes for the words "appetite" and "time"
Born in 2000 in Japan. "appetime" series are casual watches expreesing " joyful" - characterized
by Made in Japan quality and rich variations to tell stories through their inspired colors and shapes. these colorful, exciting watches make you happy just by wearing them.

The line of watch I bought is Pips and each watch is modeled after a fruit or vegetable. So if you visit the appetime website, you can see the different colors and styles they have. Mine is actually a "yellow bell pepper". What makes it even better is that it's MADE IN JAPAN!! Not many things are actually not made in China these days. They also had "baby carrot" at the store which is also pretty cute, but I still like the yellow one better. :)

Dan also got a watch today. His is Diesel which he got for a good price, btw. Good find! If his were a fruit or vegetable.. I would name his... hmm.. there aren't any fruits or vegetables that are red & black. Maybe a cherry? Since cherries have dark colored stems.. or strawberry? Strawberries have black seeds on the outside. Hmm...


Phillip said...

yah i was thinking strawberry

Phillip said...

oh yah.. where did you get it.. i want one =P

Lisa said...

What a cute watch!