Friday, August 17, 2007

The Luxury of Gold

It was my first time riding the Metro today. We took the Gold line to Union Station, then the Red line to Hollywood/Highland. Quite an experience. The Gold line was so much nicer than the ghetto Red line. No wonder they call it the "gold" line... It was actually really convenient because the station was right under the Kodak center.

Here we are.. buying tickets..

The "golden" ticket

We had to wait for it to come

Here it comes!!

All aboard!! (that guy must think i'm a weirdo.. taking pictures of the metro)

Claire & Ryan riding the Gold

Here we are at the Kodak center

Even the kiosk at the Chinese theater is sooo Chinese! :)

they came all the way to Hollywood to do this..

she never stops eating

we went on a quest to find the Starbucks

it was right in front of us the whole time!! we walked past it like 2 times

time to head home

onward! to union station!

last but not least...

Steve and I took a "skin" picture together. like the one we took 5 years ago! I guess it'll be a ritual every time we go to Kodak center together.. the next time will prob be in another 5 years.



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steven said...

wow i can't believe i forgot about that picture five years ago!