Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moving Day

AerithKel (10:44:15 PM): oh did i tell you i'm moving?
mfle02 (10:44:25 PM): no

mfle02 (10:44:32 PM): good bye kelly
AerithKel (10:44:33 PM): oh.. i'm moving
mfle02 (10:44:52 PM): good bye kelly
AerithKel (10:49:50 PM): i'm moving in with you!!
mfle02 (10:50:00 PM): great.
AerithKel (10:50:11 PM): at least you could sound a little more enthusiastic
mfle02 (10:50:22 PM): great!
AerithKel (10:50:25 PM): thanks.
mfle02 (10:50:35 PM): you're welcome.
mfle02 (10:50:43 PM): so tell me all about it
AerithKel (10:50:49 PM): i did
AerithKel (10:50:58 PM): i'm moving in with you
AerithKel (10:51:03 PM): my own room, of course
mfle02 (10:51:17 PM): oh

mfle02 (10:52:22 PM): i'm gonna go drink
mfle02 is away at 10:52:32 PM.

I made it! I made it! I've safely and successfully moved over to blogspot! For those who didn't know.. I used to live at xanga, but I've found a new home here at blogspot. I guess it was just time. Time for a change...

About the name... clever Steven helped me think of this clever clever name. Clever, no? :) I still need to think of some stuff to put in the "nutrition faqs" section (cleverly thought of by me), but I figured it would come along to me as time goes by.

here is a tribute to my xanga... exactly 4 years and 4 months. Scary how time flies...

goodbye xanga... you will be forever in my heart...

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mfle said...

welcome to blogger! =) i think i'm gonna need another drink.